Friday, October 1, 2010

An Unsettled Hearth / by Stacey Wilson, Guest Poet

Looks like a new tradition is starting here at Missouri Bend Paper Works -- a found poem by a guest poet will be the post for the first day of each month!  This feature actually started last month, with Gabriella Mirollo, whose poem posted on September 4th. The guest poet for October is Stacey Wilson of The Odd Inkwell.  Here's a little background on Stacey with links to her blogs, followed her poem, An Unsettled Hearth!

Stacey Wilson is a poetess sequestered in the east tower of her family's ancestral mansion. To pass the time, she creates found poetry and found haiku from cutting up very old books. Occasionally, she incorporates poetry with found object art. She blogs her poetry at and is sometimes known by the name Theo D. Dinkwell.
She also writes short free verse poetry and haiku. 

Visit my blog:
inkwell whispers

small poems heard and gathered

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