Sunday, January 31, 2010

at the recommendation of nothing more (Jan.31,2010)

at the recommendation of
nothing more than the foils
of identity
the outstetched days that
followed drew a
reassured smile
It is unfortunate the
dull rumble of the
sleeping animals
came as a disturbing bellow
into the state of clear
crisp companionship
Listen with very little
risk to that wild writing
way of life
always eye half off the sight
of remote shores
behave as envoy to the
restless mind.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

don't you worry for this is (Jan. 30, 2010)

don't you worry for this is
an apologetic arrangement of days
the night routine never varied
first the bustle of drifting ancestors
those who have left abound
for acceptance of
the other wilderness
go straight ahead
as far as the last leaves of the
tree-fringed speculation
and introduce
all the disappeared
an uninterrupted moment
of time traveling
and firelight.

Friday, January 29, 2010

like some parody of sorrow (Jan.29, 2010)

like some parody of sorrow
the question returned quietly
it slithered up the
steep stone step
then climbed stealthily into the
bottom of my heart
yet, in the act of silence
I brought forward
a few minutes of pink
whole years were lifted
as if an autumn cool
and quivering
had been lolling back
beyond the awaiting

The prelude poems

Well, as the first month of arranging the daily poems draws to a close, I thought it might be a good idea to post the poems I did back in November and December that got it all started.  This was before I realized just how much I loved the meditation of the process and that I needed to make it a daily ritual. I made drawings that incorporated the text from some of these poems and will continue to do that with many of the others. they are:

November 4, 2009

do not move
the scattered balls of yarn.
if we are
the window lace
even sleeping
before candlelight
is it not my secret interest
if any
the frugal shade
if my movements
permit to cross
before what golden
porcelain figurines standing
with their dark blue eyes
the tall white columns beside
Because it is this blood of ours
saved my life
I am sorry
They did forget the journey.

November 4, 2009

There my dearest
a faint smile
a small hurt voice
The lace-curtained

November 4, 2009

I lived as if
the frozen marble statues
all alone rose
at last turning
walked from the room
and caught
fell deeper into the
soft ripples of golden grain
I was not afraid

November 8, 2009

this time around
still many questions
but what of golden spinning bees
glistening in the sunlight
by and by
open the glass door
into a reluctant

November 8, 2009

When anxious
stop bow low
ask to touch the trembling lips
edged with a murmurous whisper
ancient voices from within awakening,
have you not? stepped into the last library
where they didn't know
to find precious
the earthenware bowls
the ragged line of scarlet yarns
the silence of a promised sunrise
Do not forget

November 20, 2009

Tell me, which flesh has not
been touched with pain
only sometimes spoken
outside tall trees rose
in the distance, the
velvet garden so silent
as I sank down in the mists
of troubled sleep,
fountain waters and footsteps echoing,
tables inlaid with some glimpses
of grave news.
Yet awaiting grows in me,
knowing that tomorrow has
already begun.

November 21, 2009

Did you see
the glistening morning
from the middle of
scattering sleep
a better chance waiting
shimmering in a kind of
room for wonder
And the sound of silence
Nevertheless, from the doorway
entered the presence of a shadow
Remember with amazement.

November 22, 2009

Farewell winter nights.
Secluded sit behind the
high-ceilinged windows
until possibilities
say yes.
Meanwhile, simply dwell
believe only the chrysalis
bulging with pared down
a miniature map of the
known world
For it is that night's journey
the exchange of old patterns
that will announce the
first days of spring.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

small is not a picture frame (1/28/10)

small is not a picture frame impossible
still appointments so occasional
I loved that armchair afternoon
bright and rising clear
cut-glass conditions
an open-aired amusement
peace of mind came
outside it remained as if engraved
and to me a gleaming gathering
a breathless burning.

I am occassionally lifted away (1/27/10)

I am occassionally lifted away
up into the curious place just after
all blinking orange and hardly serious
be nothing apologetic before
catching the trust of shaded trees
color the flower beds
something porcelain
then, with eyes that value other
end with an art suddenly


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You didn't know a little detail (1/26/10)

You didn't know
a little detail
slight and soothing
distantly moving
far across the lilac lawn
as the shadows finally lifted
I turned halfway from
the ambled morning
to tell you
why the answer must be
the day at hand
all along lived
accompanied by the


I recognized the burnished light (1/25/10)

I recognized the burnished light
in the visions of solitude room
It danced and turned forever sapphire
soon I learned of another,
almost translucent
gathering most ancient
with the silence of bare bone
fascinated by the odd sound
of the blood colored deep
I did not still the lamp
but lived in a flickered light

in the continued here since.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

at some risk to quite oppose (1/24/10)

at some risk to quite oppose
I do not move the sorry sofa
say a loss in elevation
lifted all through channels
of water in between
if reversal drew me over
the limits of the paper roadway
Do you see? nothing in all
that has been assumed
is now worth an altogether
palace revolution period.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I was at a loss to account for (1/23/10)

I was at a loss to account for the
increasing demand for duplicate days
it was not simply that knitted chair business
the one with all that interrrupted
insight in the back
this time it was a pleasant muttered must
as I believe you ceased to question the
strong effect of the somewhat hidden
morning moon.

low to that city horizon (1/22/10)

low to that city horizon
green fields over looked
a house of hospitality
where she was cured by
the veiled drawing there
a puzzle unlike another
the necessary mixture of
thick, astonishment
nothing more
that aside
tell me of the romantic found
head to hands
beset by grave rubbing

Thursday, January 21, 2010

found text: in the last season of half-light (1/21/10)

in the last season of half-light
I saw the indicated sunrise
in the paper outfit of an angel
no laughter came
nor talk of right of transfer
give name to the voice of the
animal spirits
come to terms with the closely
watched other
it is the very thing to save
the wooden dryness of a
truly somber silence

found text: start from the usual (1/20/10)

start from the usual
ragged line of reason
clearly count the instances walking
words align would by should
and soon find meaning in
some instant powder extract
but I continually dash my delight
into the eye of a glass needle
then later ask what about
that promised other order

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

found text: if an everyday monster (1/19/10)

If an everyday monster
made up a story
mistaking  humanity
for an accident
of an impossible afterward
would you too demand
the burning of that entire library
encouraging a stop for nothing
black suddenly streaming
in anxious puddles of conjecture
take knowledge as a point of honor

Monday, January 18, 2010

found text: embrace the quiet (1/18/10)

embrace the quiet
of the plains
where light in the evening
might be marked with a moment
of many nights awaited
I am often reminded of the
heaps of once I tried to draw
I have not swept thoughtlessly
but threw away a dusty dire
for which door I could not guess
I don't stay long for
such a coming back place.

found text: next to nothing could surprise (1/17/10)

next to nothing could surprise
with an account of stately trees
touch as much red as ruby
hands to mouth
without a word
tell me again a last little jewel
about a moment
of deep before
made with the exquisite air of

found text: when falling from a deepening surround (1/16/10)

When falling from
a deepening surround
edged with exile
be but the moon
open your thoughts
return to a
no longer time
carefully stop
bow low
to each movement
of the sun

found text: have you not? (1/15/10)

Have you not?
voices from within?
a precious burning whisper
a great hole
in the heart of here too?
do not name
the silence of awakening
I found only assurance trembling
in this last of the ancient
earthenware bowls
do not forget that murmurous weariness
at your feet
hold red in reserve

found text: I must apologize about the wait (1/14/10)

I must apologize about the wait
I wish I had not disturbed
the unexpected sunset
for I am something in my story hat,
quater master of the flowery therefore chair
This can be said,
ultimately the sun goes down
its much observed
expression of success
In order to get a sudden
sense of recognition
swifly smash the dishes please
quite openly behind the door
The meant for moment never
falls but on the thankful floor

found text: when a peculiar lightness dawned (1/13/2010)

When a peculiar lightness dawned
I did not see a glance filled sweeping
or even a sudden past appearance
coming quick into the room
There it was
absolute as a kind of furniture
but apparently the door opened
and its existence
such a fine brown flattery
disappeared into the night

found text: brilliant smiles (1/12/10)

brilliant smiles
dresses loved and admired
but mine lacked an intensity
of being
I was to remain either
anxious to be or
cannot have been and so
with steps taken
by gentle determination,
and into which uncertain door
so that I reply, whole and present
to this chance to be the
essential me.

found text: enter from the never entered path (1/11/10)

enter from the never entered path
aware of the constant smell of grandeur
a thousand little masquerades at hand
go and carry truly everything
worth of deep gratitude
your right to be desired can
just be appearances
a scarlet shining insight
for a voice
so seldom speaking

found text: attempting what might be (1/10/10)

attempting what might be
I set about to still time
and placed its appearance
regarded with a certain silence
on my oldest table
unable to hide
it caused even the
loyal wind to escape
tossed under my
quickened breath.

found text: I dared not recognize (1/9/2010)

I dared not recognize
the shining eyes
magnifying mine
I should have thought myself
twinkling with a luxury dancing
puzzled I wished to hear
from that shaking voice
seized by the paper statue
understand, it was the time
of the red monarch
I did not object.

found text: so it was that the appearance (1/8/10)

So it was that the appearance
of the giant ancient trees
all stood much as usual
the cards unchanged
always a sense of salt
over the paper horizon.
a lost history laid
in tranquil slumber
When the portal appeared
I turned to find the
dark blue glass of a
half-finished storm and behind
a voice like
black velvet.

found text: tossing out balls (1/7/10)

Tossing out balls,
begin to question the rule of rings
It is a shadow creation
Watch the geography of running
with a new episode of calculation
notice the bewildering expression
should you cross
determine to compel
not only courage
but nobility
awake to the laughing eye

found text: referring to the slender signature (1/6/10)

referring to the slender signature
of letters marked urgent
it began as something of
a correspondence trail, namely
my attempt to remember the
golden epoch of ritual and
peculiarity.  I questioned
every portrait returning
to the city of miniature books
expecting to see
one deserving
a second admittance.
I hope to welcome

found text: at the beginning (1/5/10)

At the beginning
I was saved by
that library
of the sublime
But semblance passed,
a wish deserted,
a land of exile
With just a little
confidence in words
I went to name
that dream buried
forever deep
but instead expressed a
feeling altogether glass
the final portioned
moment fell
I made to flee.

found text: standing among my own initative (1/4/10)

standing among my own initative,
in a mysterious landscape
without a map
I hesitated
And yet, I
turned and saw
nature smiling
My whereabouts
felt like

found text: at that moment the idea was misty (1/3/10)

At that moment
the idea was misty
and lacked detail
it seemed impossible
Then the door opened,
the future took possession,
face to face,
inside a long
room filled with glass.
from the entrance,
a dozen vivid
points of flight
tracing out the
navigation of desire
Welcome to Missouri Bend Paper Works!

The daily postings on this blog will contain an arrangement of found text that I think of as a poem.  I started this project at the beginning of the year by laying out all manner of found words and phrases cut from a couple of old books.  As an artist who sometimes combines text and image in my work, I find that I really enjoy this process of sorting and moving bits of text laid helter skelter across my table.  Sometimes the poem sort of writes itself and others take more of a struggle to find a meaningful arrangement.  This time I spend on a daily basis serves as a sort of meditation.   I think of them as ruminations and I find it interesting how the choice and combinations lead to written pieces that help me see my inner world in a new way...or simply delight in the possibilities of rhythm and language!  I'll begin by posting the poems already created since I began on January 3rd and then post the new text each day.  Related artworks will follow in the near future!