Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to Missouri Bend Paper Works!

The daily postings on this blog will contain an arrangement of found text that I think of as a poem.  I started this project at the beginning of the year by laying out all manner of found words and phrases cut from a couple of old books.  As an artist who sometimes combines text and image in my work, I find that I really enjoy this process of sorting and moving bits of text laid helter skelter across my table.  Sometimes the poem sort of writes itself and others take more of a struggle to find a meaningful arrangement.  This time I spend on a daily basis serves as a sort of meditation.   I think of them as ruminations and I find it interesting how the choice and combinations lead to written pieces that help me see my inner world in a new way...or simply delight in the possibilities of rhythm and language!  I'll begin by posting the poems already created since I began on January 3rd and then post the new text each day.  Related artworks will follow in the near future!

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