Friday, January 29, 2010

The prelude poems

Well, as the first month of arranging the daily poems draws to a close, I thought it might be a good idea to post the poems I did back in November and December that got it all started.  This was before I realized just how much I loved the meditation of the process and that I needed to make it a daily ritual. I made drawings that incorporated the text from some of these poems and will continue to do that with many of the others. they are:

November 4, 2009

do not move
the scattered balls of yarn.
if we are
the window lace
even sleeping
before candlelight
is it not my secret interest
if any
the frugal shade
if my movements
permit to cross
before what golden
porcelain figurines standing
with their dark blue eyes
the tall white columns beside
Because it is this blood of ours
saved my life
I am sorry
They did forget the journey.

November 4, 2009

There my dearest
a faint smile
a small hurt voice
The lace-curtained

November 4, 2009

I lived as if
the frozen marble statues
all alone rose
at last turning
walked from the room
and caught
fell deeper into the
soft ripples of golden grain
I was not afraid

November 8, 2009

this time around
still many questions
but what of golden spinning bees
glistening in the sunlight
by and by
open the glass door
into a reluctant

November 8, 2009

When anxious
stop bow low
ask to touch the trembling lips
edged with a murmurous whisper
ancient voices from within awakening,
have you not? stepped into the last library
where they didn't know
to find precious
the earthenware bowls
the ragged line of scarlet yarns
the silence of a promised sunrise
Do not forget

November 20, 2009

Tell me, which flesh has not
been touched with pain
only sometimes spoken
outside tall trees rose
in the distance, the
velvet garden so silent
as I sank down in the mists
of troubled sleep,
fountain waters and footsteps echoing,
tables inlaid with some glimpses
of grave news.
Yet awaiting grows in me,
knowing that tomorrow has
already begun.

November 21, 2009

Did you see
the glistening morning
from the middle of
scattering sleep
a better chance waiting
shimmering in a kind of
room for wonder
And the sound of silence
Nevertheless, from the doorway
entered the presence of a shadow
Remember with amazement.

November 22, 2009

Farewell winter nights.
Secluded sit behind the
high-ceilinged windows
until possibilities
say yes.
Meanwhile, simply dwell
believe only the chrysalis
bulging with pared down
a miniature map of the
known world
For it is that night's journey
the exchange of old patterns
that will announce the
first days of spring.

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