Thursday, January 28, 2010

small is not a picture frame (1/28/10)

small is not a picture frame impossible
still appointments so occasional
I loved that armchair afternoon
bright and rising clear
cut-glass conditions
an open-aired amusement
peace of mind came
outside it remained as if engraved
and to me a gleaming gathering
a breathless burning.


  1. Bravo!

    There is a little desperado in you, too.

    Well done friend.

    Word Origin & History
    as a cheer, "well done!," 1761, from It., lit. "brave" (see brave). Earlier it was used as a noun meaning "desperado, hired killer" (1597). Superlative form is bravissimo.
    "It is held by some philologists that as "Bravo!" is an exclamation its form should not change, but remain bravo under all circumstances. Nevertheless "bravo" is usually applied to a male, "brava" to a female artist, and "bravi" to two or more." ["Elson's Music Dictionary," 1905]

  2. Many, many thanks to you for that cheery cheer! A most interesting response with the word origin of "bravo"...I rather like that! Perhaps more will be on the way!? Courage to press on...I'm heading down to the studio to participate in the word play that will become today's poem.

    Thanks for the encouragement!


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