Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to 2011!

Hi Folks...regular readers and those who happen to stop by here on occasion. I just want to let you know that I'll begin posting found text poems once a week, rather than on a daily basis.  I'm planning to change things up a bit and hope to have these new found text poems become small pieces of art that will be posted here on Wednesdays, but also available at my Etsy shop Missouri Bend Studio.  I began this blog a year ago and have enjoyed this daily ritual of making the found text poem and posting it here, but since then my etsy shop and my life surrounding the promotion of it has gotten quite busy, so it is necessary for me to scale back a bit.

Please be sure to visit my other blog MissouriBendStudio where I'll have a daily posting!  Until Wednesday then, here's a view of the chaos on the desk where these poems are given their life....I'm about to go down and clean it up in preparation for a new way of working!  Thanks so much for your support and comments during this last year as I made a transition to a new kind of life.  Best wishes to all those who stop by for a joyful and prosperous year!


  1. the combination of scattered text and painterly background is delightful
    let alone the words themselves....

  2. Thanks so much India....glad you enjoy these poems! Hope you like the new ones as well...see the later posts!


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