Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guest Feature: Scott Mulcahey and Circa Chairs


Scott Mulcahey is a furniture maker and designer of one-of-a-kind chairs made from reclaimed lumber. The chairs pictured here, titled "Chaotic Poetry", took Scoot five years of scouring through 50,000 board feet of lumber to find just the right text.  I was very excited to see these, not only because of their beautiful forms, but because I find these pieces display an amazing use of found text!

You can learn more about Scott on facebook, as well as through his website and blog by following the links below!

See you tomorrow for the weekly installment of a new found text poem from my studio!  Cheers!

Furniture Maker/ Designer... I started my woodworking career in 1984 at Brummitt Woodworking Co. Manchester, Massachussetts. It was a three man shop that fabricated custom furnishings for the hospitality industry. In 2005 I began making solid wood "one of a kind" chairs under the brand name Circa. All Circa Chairs are made from reclaimed lumber from renovation projects to sea salvage woods and also exotic scraps from past projects. I strive to interpret the history, the forms and intrinsic qualities of the materials I choose, to produce a sculpted chair that evolves naturally, encourages conversation, demands to be touched, sat on and will be proudly displayed throughout your lifetime.


  1. What a nice feature on Scott! I've seen a lot of his work, but as a word person I love these particular chairs especially, their background story and their use of found text. He really is a master of bringing together different creative media and making not only a beautiful work, but something you can actually sit on and not just admire from afar! All the best to you.

  2. G. I love these chairs too! I was transfixed when I first them on his blog and knew they had to find a place on my blog....expanded my thinking of the possibilities of found text for sure! Thanks for your comment! Of course, I came to Scott through Brian....the circles continue to widen!


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