Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Scroll of Pertinent Questions

This week's found text piece is another scroll on Japanese paper...the outside is a patterned lace paper and the inside has various questions taken from a number of "vintage" books in my studio embedded in teabag paper.  I've been collecting these questions as I come across them...some are quite hilarious and when put together create quite a scroll of very important questions...I'm sure we've all asked them...see what you think!  The text reads as follows:

Odd looking, isn't it?

Do you admire the view?

How--how long have I been this way?

Do you know its nature?

Have you been asleep all these years?

What harm could there be?

What is behind that door?

Naturally--but how will you accomplish it?

Can I make it an object to you to alter your mind?

Wouldn't it be fun if you could have a nice, gentle ostrich to ride?

Have you the pluck to follow me right now?

Have you lost your senses?

Chocolates? What chocolates?

Tell me, where have you been?

You are fixed with wireless?

Couldn't we just go back to town and celebrate properly?

I'll finish this scroll up with a closure in the morning and list it in my Etsy to have you stop by Missouri Bend Studio to view all the found text pieces listed there!



  1. This is simply wonderful, thank you for sharing!! :)

  2. Louise...thank you so much...glad you like it!!


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