Thursday, August 12, 2010

Plunging Free, Leaped Into Dizziness (August 12, 2010)

Plunging free,
leaped into dizziness,
moving with such a grace
leaving behind
generous billows of dust.
While we remained there
a forgotten somewhere
beyond our vague remembrance


  1. I read your post on Seth's blog and decided to come for a visit. Your lovely collaged and painted backgrounds are superb, but your found poetry has a very unique and enjoyable way about it. It was a lot of fun to visit and peruse your found word art.

  2. Thanks very much for visiting both blogs! I am really enjoying doing both of them, although the MissouriBendPaperWorks puts the pressure on...a found poem a day! I'm already behind, so have to get yesterday's posted today! Happy to have your feedback!


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