Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Momentous Decision (September 2, 2010)

a momentous decision
run up the stairs
to fling my old longings
through the window
into a long fluid darkness
a glistened moment
the trail silver


  1. Patti, I never comment on these daily poems, but just wanted you to know I await each one with eagerness and am never ever disappointed! How is it that words just lying around and put together can so well describe what is going on inside us? You may have addressed this before on this blog, apologies if I'm being dense, but have you ever assembled these into a book? Perhaps not the originals (too fragile) but reproductions?

  2. It is uncanny, isn't it, how these poems put themselves together and say the thing you weren't even aware was inside you! I have definitely thought of a book and am toying with how it might be done. But I am such a one-of-a-kind person, it's hard for me to "think" reproduction. My husband is a printmaker and is coming up with some ideas. I am also thinking along the line of little objects and a having a single poem be available that way...I'm thinking "poetry pouches"....but haven't quite gotten there yet. I'll keep you posted, but welcome your ideas! Thanks for making a comment on this blog too!

  3. I love (and envy) the uniqueness of your a poet and photgrapher I've had to come to terms with the "reproduceability" of everything I do, however original the initial concept. I struggle with ways of making my words and images more "one of a kind" at least in the formats I use to present them. Perhaps there's a compromise here for you - a limited run of books, each of which has its unique elements to the assembly and materials, but perhaps makes use of some of the same found poems? I worked with a fine letter press for my chapbook, and while there were 150 books produced, and the same poems in each, the type was handset and each page run through the ink-press individually, plus the covers were all from handmade paper, so I do think of each book as a one-of-a-kind. Keep me posted on your thoughts!

  4. Those are great ideas and I think letterpress is the way to go. Johntimothy is just getting that up and going here, but now that you've put that seed of an idea in my head, perhaps looking for a grant to go somewhere to complete a project like this would be a good possibility. Thanks for your forward thinking thoughts!


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