Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guest Feature: Phillipa England

I'm just a day behind with my plan to feature a guest poet here at MissouriBendPaperWorks, as I usually do this on the first of the month!  But I'm here to introduce Phillipa England whose tiny poetry reels I find delightful. I saw these a short time ago in her Etsy shop Feltathome and thought I'd introduce them to you here on the blog...I contacted Phillipa and she has graciously given a bit of background on how she came to make these little reels!

I have a love of old and found things. I love to think about the 'fingerprints' each item carries......the life it's led, the owners it has served. Each has a story to tell but will carry its secret forever...long after it has left our hands. I had a few old wooden cotton reels given to me and knew that they would transform into a piece of artwork when the time was right. They sat & waited. Then one day I found their purpose. Coupled with some beautifully aged ribbons I had and some cloth covered buttons, I wrote a few words of poetry and transferred them to the ribbon. In wrapping the ribbon around the reel, the message became a secret whisper meant only for the 'intended one'. My poetry is sporadic and usually inspired by my own life's happenings and emotions. The one shown here was inspired by my Grandparents. When my Grandfather died (with whom I was very close) my Grandmother's heart was sad. These words are how I imagine she felt when they could no longer be together.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a weekly found text poem post of my own and that will get us back on track!  Hope you are having a fine start to the month of March!  


  1. These are so so cool! Thanks, Patti for bringing them to my attention!

  2. Aren't they fun? I was amazed when I stumbled on them! So glad you like them too!

  3. Love being introduced to Phillipa and her exquisite work! xoKandice :-)


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